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Creative Intelligence

It’s the formula for how we think and the way we work. Follow along to see how we’re driven by fresh insights, current events, leading trends and the day-to-day to share, analyze, excite and inspire.

  • Going Off-Script for a Creative Boost

    LMG participated in a calligraphy workshop hosted by The Hive Studio.

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  • 8 Steps to Learn and Speak a Brand’s Voice

    Erin Callahan shares tips for copywriters on how to learn and speak a brand's voice effectively.

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  • How a Personality Test Improved My Professional Life

    Account Director Anna Clarke shares insights on the Birkman Method and how it helped her feel more satisfied in her professional role.

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Trending Topics @ LMG

  • Tick Tock: 5 Tips for Managing Deadlines

    Designer Bridget Huelskamp shares five tips for managing deadlines.

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  • Why LMG is the Best: All About Balance

    Senior Account Director Kim Donnelly shares why LMG is the best place to work.

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  • 5 Tips for Writing Design-Friendly Copy

    Copywriter Erin Callahan shares five tips for writing clear and concise copy that works seamlessly with design.

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  • The Best Marketing Company in the World

    Our Account Director Chris Wilguess took a vacation to the best marketing company in the world, and came back inspired.

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  • Digital Vocabulary 101 - CRM and CMS

    CRM and CMS are terms that are used for digital marketing. Here is a breakdown of what these terms mean and why they are vital to the success of your digital marketing.

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  • How LMG Does Lunch

    Lunch is, in fact, the most important meal of the day, according to LMG. Check out some of our favorite lunch spots near our office in Dayton, Ohio.

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  • Teacup or Tumbler? What Your Favorite Cup Says About You as a Marketer

    It's important for marketers to stay hydrated at work. Find out what your favorite cup says about your marketing "personality."

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  • The Problem with Marketing

    Marketers are often misunderstood, but that’s slowly beginning to change. Find out what new advances are being used to measure marketing effectiveness.

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