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Why LMG is the Best: Living the Dream (Job)

Working for LMG is literally my dream job. I’m not joking.

I stepped foot into this agency over 4 years ago as a client, and immediately fell in love with the culture, workspace, creativity, strategy, people, and hospitality (including amazing food, especially Karen’s guacamole). I still remember thinking to myself, “If I could have the opportunity to work for LMG, it would be amazing.”

Well, I have achieved my dream job as an account director here at LMG. And this isn’t the kind of dream where reality doesn’t live up to the imagination. By learning more about the company from the inside out, I’ve found LMG to be above and beyond what I ever expected. We have an amazing team, great clients, and a culture that I didn’t think was possible to achieve in Dayton. And did I mention the rooftop? It’s one of my favorite places to have lunch, watch the 4th of July fireworks, host a surprise 40th birthday party or check out a Dragons game.

Another major benefit I enjoy at LMG is work/life balance. I have three children under the age of 8, and I can honestly say LMG gives me both the opportunity to continue to develop as a marketing professional, and the flexibility to make time to be a great mom. That alone would make this a phenomenal place to work, and it’s only one aspect among many.

In terms of “living the dream,” I’m living proof—it truly doesn’t get any better than this.