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Why LMG is the Best: All About Balance

The culture at LMG truly lends itself to a balanced work life. There is a compassion in our workplace that comes from the top down. This allows us to take the time we need for our health and our family’s wellbeing. In practice, this might mean stepping out for an hour or so during the day, or working remote, so we can be with those in our lives who need us, or fit in an appointment for our own care.

Our focus on flexibility also extends to celebrating special moments that cannot be recaptured, like attending a child’s performance at school, or being there for the birth of a nephew.

Beyond health issues and life milestones, there are the much loved, pop-up “Fun Fridays” throughout the year to reward us all for our productivity and dedication. It’s wonderful to get a little breather at the end of a busy week now and then, allowing each of us to reconnect with what is important to us outside of work.