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The Power of LinkedIn: Creating a Company Page

You have your personal profile up and running, so now to the bigger picture.

Should you create a company LinkedIn page for your business? LinkedIn has become the world’s largest professional networking site on the Internet, functioning with more than 433 million members from over 200 different countries. These users have the opportunity to explore and connect with over three million companies who have chosen to create their own LinkedIn page. LinkedIn pages give companies the opportunity to connect with their target audiences in a more powerful and personal way. These pages can also offer visual and relevant content and give companies a wide range of tools to execute effective marketing.

But before you create your company page, I’ve answered a few questions to help you understand what they are, how they work, and how you can get started today.

Why should my company create a LinkedIn page?

Company LinkedIn pages give companies the ability to grow their reach, spread product awareness, optimize search, and generate more leads. Just by having a company LinkedIn page, you have the ability to reap the benefits of being involved with the community online.

What’s on a company LinkedIn page?

A company LinkedIn page contains numerous tools that you can use to your advantage such as the Home, Careers, Products, Page Insights, Follower Insights, and Employee Insights pages. Updating these sections of your company’s page is vital to its success. When visitors come to view your page, they are going to be looking for as much information as they can find on what your company is all about. These tools also give you the opportunity to see yourself, monitor how your page is doing, and view what followers/employees are saying about your company. Your page is not only there to inform other LinkedIn users what your company can do for them, but also what more you can be doing to support your company.

How do I set up my company LinkedIn page?

To optimize the full potential of your company’s LinkedIn page, you should include as much information as possible to make your page complete. Make sure you include all basic information about the company: size, website URL, industry, operating status, year founded, and location. But, the page isn't complete with just this basic information. Keep followers interested by posting company updates, new products or services, and promote your business as a whole. If viewers see you posting new information on your page, they will take more of an interest in what you have to offer.