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The Three Technologies LMG Couldn’t Live Without

Today’s world is bombarded by technology. We all use it—every day at work, at home and sometimes even to track our sleep. So we started thinking, what tech products keep us functioning here at LMG? There are the obvious ones like our Macs, our Adobe design programs and the internet, but we wanted to share the products that are more unique to us.

  1. Getting it done
    Somehow you have to keep it all organized. For us, that solution is Basecamp: a project management tool that keeps tasks, files, discussions and deadlines all on track. We started using Basecamp several years ago, and it’s now our guide for scheduling and executing all the work we do. It’s unbelievable to me that our agency once communicated solely via email.
  2. No more sounds of silence
    As John Oates of the band Hall & Oates said, “It’s the music that brings us together.” It helps put us “in the zone,” lifts our spirits and brings back memories of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Our Sonos speaker system is actually a pretty snazzy piece of technology. We have several speakers distributed throughout the office and we can each control it from an app on our Macs. (Although the control on the Account side usually falls to our former radio personality, Chris.) The different speakers can be grouped, so the Design side can play country and the Account side can rock out to Backstreet Boys (I mean Bruno Mars).
  3. Starbucks ready, NOW
    We hate to admit it, but several of us have a bit of a Starbucks addiction. A quick pick-me-up definitely helps restart our creative juices and powers us through the afternoon. We love the “Mobile Order” functionality of the Starbucks app—we can order from our desks, drive over and our order will be waiting for us when we walk in the door. We often take turns going on coffee runs and the app is a huge improvement over a scrap of paper with everyone’s orders scribbled on it.

These are just a few of the technologies that keep us going. However, new innovations are being introduced every day, so we’re excited to find the next big thing to help LMG and our clients do better business!