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“Out of Office until Jan. 3, 2017”

If you emailed anyone at LMG between Christmas and New Year’s, you might’ve gotten an “out of office” auto-reply. Yes, winter breaks like ours are rare in the “adult world”—especially when winter breaks in school meant a break, plus two weeks to recover. But that’s not the case at LMG.

We’re a little over a month into 2017, and we’ve hit the ground running with website redesigns, creative campaigns, and several other client projects—along with our own marketing initiatives. We’ve found that our winter break actually helps build greater momentum for the new year. Not only has the week off come to be a tradition at LMG, but it's also an essential way to recharge.

This is the time we catch up on spending time with our families, traveling, dedicating time to our personal creative interests, and both clearing and refreshing our minds with new ideas. When we return the first week of January, we’re eager and excited to get going again. This year, we wanted to share how our team spent their winter break to relax—and energize for 2017.

LMG Results Image of President, Doug Lunne with his family

LMG president Doug took a family trip to their favorite vacation destination, Glen Arbor, Michigan.

LMG Results Image of Danielle Phillips Vacation

Danielle, senior account executive, enjoyed some mother-daughter time making a tree skirt, as well as an “off-the-grid” trip that offered some great views of nature.

LMG Results image of Anna on break

Ice skating became a newfound hobby over the break for account director Anna and her family.

LMG Results Image of Kim on break

Kim, senior director of client services, spent time with her three kids around their live Christmas tree.

LMG Results image of Julie on the beach for her break

Julie, our graphic designer, traded in her vista of a laptop screen for a view of the ocean this year.

LMG Results image of Liz on her break

Account executive Liz had a “star-studded” winter break in the Hollywood Hills and Los Angeles, including the Walk of Fame, with her parents and three sisters.

LMG Results image of on Megan break

Megan, senior digital designer, visited the Toledo Museum of Art with her sister and admired the installment “Plexus No 35” by Gabriel Dawe.

LMG Results image of Melissa on break

Design director Melissa and family checked out the lights at Carillon Park, a new holiday favorite here at home.

LMG Results image of Laura on break

Laura, senior designer, enjoyed her first Christmas as a newlywed in her new home in Greenfield, Ohio. She also dedicated a day to planning her 2017 goals, both for LMG and her side hustle/freelance design business.

LMG Results image of Bridget on break

Another one of our designers, also a newlywed and new homeowner, Bridget also spent a memorable first Christmas with her husband and family.

LMG Results image of Karen on break

Karen, associate director of digital marketing, received an oversized Scrabble board as a Christmas gift from her son. She wanted to share it with the team, so now we can meet up for a game on the third floor anytime!

Here’s to another great year!

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