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How LMG Does Lunch

As marketers, we have many critical decisions to make throughout the day. How we should handle this quick-turn project a client is wanting. What to include in a pitch deck. New and fresh ideas we can offer clients to increase their sales. Whether or not we should cave and take that last cookie left over from an afternoon meeting. But the most important of them all? Yep, you guessed it. Where is my lunch coming from?

Our office has a pretty solid mix of lunch habits. But basically, everyone at LMG falls into one of three categories:

  • Go somewhere with a group, taking advantage of the one-hour lunch
  • Run out, grab food and eat at their desk, either because it’s a crazy day or that’s their preference
  • Don’t leave their desk, work through lunch and eat something they brought from home

Personally it depends on my schedule on that particular day, but I like to utilize that full hour and go eat somewhere if I can. Although my quintessential, mid-20s budget doesn’t necessarily cooperate, I can usually talk myself into it. (When it comes to food, I’m easily convinced.) At the very least, it’s healthy to get out of the office for a bit. Plus, it’s valuable time to bond with my co-workers.

Working in the Firefly Building in downtown Dayton presents us with a plethora of options. Most of the time, we either go to Brown Street by the University of Dayton campus or visit the 2nd Street Market. The Market is great because it’s all local and small businesses. And there are many food genres available, from Thai, to Greek, to paninis. Personally, I love Chef Case, which has really good rice- and quinoa-based salads. Pair them with the chicken, and it’s the best. Brown Street includes mostly chains, but you can never go wrong with Chipotle, Skyline, or Panera. Sometimes the office receives Smashburger coupons in the mail, so people always take advantage of those. Burgers are everything.

Aside from Brown Street and the Market, places we frequently dine include CJ Chan’s on Wilmington Avenue. (which has this bomb General Tso’s chicken) and Coco’s Bistro on Wayne Avenue. Side note—you can’t beat the Cocos grilled cheese and tomato bisque. One of my personal favorites that is no longer around is Olive, which was located in the old Wympee building downtown. RIP. City BBQ on North Fairfield Road feeds us when we want to get a little further away from the office—but those days are few and far between.

Sometimes we embrace our sense of adventure and eat at places a little off the beaten path, such as China Buffet on East Fifth Street, or what we have come to adoringly call the “basement bourbon chicken place” on North Ludlow Street. If you’re as adventurous as we are, the official name is Halal Chili & Bourbon Chicken. Not always the most satisfying food, but it makes for a great story. Sometimes that’s what it’s all about.

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