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Five Tips for a More Effective Hybrid Workplace

When the pandemic hit nearly three years ago, we were fortunate to have the structure and technology in place to easily switch to a work-from-home model—leveraging the unique talents of our team members to serve a diverse set of clients all over the country with creative and strategic solutions.

Since then, we have moved to a hybrid work model where employees spend a certain amount of hours in our Dayton or Charlotte offices each week.

After a year of this model, we’ve learned there are five keys to success:

  1. An all-hands or operations call sets the weeks off right. LMG kicks off every week with an hour-long update session where our 43 associates all have a voice and can review client and project updates at a high level. This call keeps everyone aware of workloads and pressures for the weeks as well as availability for team members to jump in and help as needed.
  2. Creative brainstorming is more effective in person. We find that having a core team of at least three in the office with the rest calling in remotely works well. Adding white boarding and using chat helps us create hybrid ideation sessions that resemble having everyone together.
  3.  Most associates prefer hours over days for work-life balance, so we gave them that option. When we moved to a hybrid model, we adopted an hourly requirement over a daily requirement. Depending on their role, employees work eight, 16, or 24 hours minimum at our locations. With the hourly option, associates may choose to work two four-hour days to accommodate work or personal needs.
  4.  EOS defines a meeting cadence that works for us. We are an organization that uses the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) which has taught us to hold efficient, weekly meetings for all functions where issues are discussed and resolved. This system has been a huge help in giving everyone a voice—whether at home or in the office every week.
  5. Office culture is both physical and virtual. We take our culture seriously and have created a Culture Committee that creates engagement events aligned with our values. These activities, which include social, community support, and more, keep our team connected throughout the year. 

Every business is different, but we have found these keys imperative to our ability to serve clients and grow during uncertain times. We hope you find a nugget you can apply to your business!

Doug Lunne +