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Best Place to Work

We’re proud to announce that the Dayton Business Journal has named LMG one of the Best Places to Work of 2016. LMG was honored in the Micro category (10-24 employees).

This comes as no surprise to us; we’ve always considered LMG the best place to work, but it’s gratifying that the greater Dayton community has recognized that something truly special is happening here. It makes us appreciate the hours we spend here— and the people we spend them with—more than ever.

We’d also like to extend our congratulations to our fellow honorees. Dayton is full of great people and diverse talent, and we’re pleased to be a part of this positive, dynamic community.

This recognition is a good reminder of how much has happened over our 12-year history. Doug and Elaine Lunne founded LMG in 2004 and began with two employees on the first floor of the Firefly Building. Now you can find more than 20 of us, plus a handful of freelancers, on the fourth floor—and we’re still growing.

Our team consists of experienced experts and rising young talent, strategists and creative professionals, each with a unique perspective to share. But one of our greatest strengths isn’t the fact that we have such a wide-ranging mix of individuals—it’s that we embrace that fact. We can bring any ideas to the table, and all are valued. Our collaborative culture produces exceptional work, and everyone can walk away from a meeting or project having learned something new. Everyone at LMG agrees: the people here have made all the difference.

Another perk? Our workspace. Across the board, employees say our home in the Firefly Building is unlike any other environment they’ve ever worked in. It feels good to walk into such a vibrant space every day, and the colorful walls, exposed brick and beams, and open spaces always get our creative juices flowing.

Our clients think so too, and we invite them here every chance we get. Like our team, our clients are a major reason we do what we do. It’s the people who make our work so inspiring and worthwhile. The passion our clients have for their brands is a driving force, and nothing would be possible without them.

As much as we all love what we do here at LMG, we also have commitments and priorities outside of work. Our collective commitment to work/life balance enables us to be dedicated to both our professional and personal growth. For example, we’re able to spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s with our families, and we can take time away when it’s needed most—whether for our own health, to care for a loved one, or experience irreplaceable memories. We’re also encouraged to practice work/life balance in a different way: sharing our personal hobbies and talents like letterpress and woodworking, and incorporating them into our work here.

There is no doubt in our minds LMG is the best place to work. That’s why some team members happily live within blocks of the office, while others commute daily from an hour or more away. It’s why we collaborate and innovate to produce real results for our clients. And it’s why we not only continue to come to work every day, but actively look forward to it.