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Creative Intelligence

It’s the formula for how we think and the way we work. Follow along to see how we’re driven by fresh insights, current events, leading trends and the day-to-day to share, analyze, excite and inspire.

  • Using Social Media to Manage Your Crisis Communication: 7 Steps

    Follow these 7 steps to use social media to build stronger relationships with your followers and customers through challenging times. Stay tuned for more tips and insights!

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  • When Words Fail: Communication Strategy in Troubled Times

    Strategic crisis communication is important for any business that plans on positioning itself for success, even through unforeseen events. This blog, our free eBook, and grader tool will help you do just that.

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  • 5 Strategies to Stay Creative During Quarantine

    LMG shares five strategies to stay creative at home during quarantine. Contact us for support on your next creative marketing project.

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Trending Topics @ LMG

  • How to Engage Employees and Enhance Your Company Culture with This One Simple Tool

    Do you know how your team really feels about your company culture? Before you answer, let us introduce you to OfficeVibe. It's a nifty tool we use at LMG to communicate confidently about things often left unsaid, and nurture a culture in ways often overlooked. It's super easy, engaging, and fun too!

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  • Refresh Your Brand with Just One Design Element

    The right color combination can elevate your brand to the next level using cohesive pallets. Breath new life into your brand with a fresh look at your company color palette. In this blog, you'll find pro tips on how mood boards, colors schemes new energy can help you do just that.

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  • Catch More Customers with These Smart Marketing Analytics Tools

    Attracting leads is a bit like going fishing. You must observe the fish, understand them, then synchronize your efforts to theirs. It's not as obscure as it may seem. Israel breaks it down in this week's blog, and offers tools to help you—or your clients—catch more of what you're looking for.

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  • Digital Vocabulary 101 - HTML

    Learn the Basics of HTML, and you'll know the backbone of the web universe. From tags to to transfer protocols and content management, you'll learn the lingo and be off to a great start.

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  • Take Your CTAs from Clickable to Irresistible with These 3 Tips

    Marketing is all about inspiring customers to take action, and sometimes all it takes is calling upon them to do so. This blog talks all about effective CTAs and how to implement them in your next campaign.

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  • Extend Your Content’s Shelf Life and Increase ROI with Evergreen Content

    Just like the evergreen trees retain their leaves year round, evergreen content can retain its value over time—and can increase ROI, too. In this blog, we talk about what evergreen content is, what makes it successful, and how it can continue driving inbound results.

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  • 4 Simple Steps to Leverage Contextual Marketing for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Be Found Through Search

    Need to get a better handle on what digital marketers mean when they talk about contextual marketing, and why that drives search results? We can explain that and provide four steps to build a consistently searchable foundation of content by leveraging contextual marketing.

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  • The Power of LinkedIn: Creating a Company Page

    Our team discusses what a company LinkedIn page is, how to use it, and how it can benefit your company.

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